Greg Diederich IV

I’ve been involved in the medical professional liability insurance industry for over a decade. Over that period of time I have successfully worked with and managed accounts for hundreds of physicians across Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. I have a retention rate that excedes 95%. My customer service is unparalleled putting your needs ahead of anything else.

I am a proud father and husband. In my spare time I play competitive amateur golf. I’ve competed in national events as well as state amateurs over the last 15 years. I was a state champion at the age of 15 and was part of a state championship team in 2002. The values that golf has taught me over the years really puts things into perspective. Being honest, ethical, having etiquette, professionalism, and being polite are the most important factors as it relates to business and daily life.

Working with our agency will make this component of your practice simpler and less stressful. We are dedicated to earning your trust in knowing you are protected. Marketing gimmicks from competitors can be very attractive. “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” We have never offered coverage through a company that has been liquidated or had to assess its members. We will NOT offer inadequate coverage in order to gain your business.  We stand proudly with our partners to offer you the most comprehensive protection at a fair competitive price. Your protection is truly what matters most. As the physicians advocate, we put your needs first!